Bullseye Spray Pattern Indicator


For Industrial Vegetation Management

Milliken’s Bullseye Blue Spray Pattern Indicator (SPI) is a non-staining, blue liquid polymeric colorant. Its remarkable color strength and superior performance properties are a perfect fit for use in industrial vegetation management to assure safe, accurate, uniform application of pesticide solutions.

By adding Bullseye to the spray solution, the spray technician can see exactly where spray is being applied. Application feedback, via the spray solution's blue color, helps assure complete, accurate, and uniform coverage of the target vegetation. This real-time visual feedback is ideal for monitoring application integrity and safety. Bullseye in the spray tank will alert a spray technician to equipment failures (line/connection leaks, clogged nozzles), as well as potentially harmful technician exposure to the spray solution.

Product Features & Benefits

  • High visibility blue color = real time visual feedback of application quality
  • Non-staining = easy clean up
  • Non-ionic = no interference with pesticide efficacy


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