Making Ice Melt Stand Out at 2017 North American Snow Conference

This week, April 23-26, representatives from our Milliken Chemical team will be on the exhibit floor at the American Public Works Association’s 2017 North American Snow Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. This is where over 1,500 of North America’s snow fighters who kept the streets clear come to find the best solutions, the newest technologies, and the latest innovations to keep their streets clear and the people in their municipalities and communities safe. The Milliken Chemical team will be on hand in booth 945 to demonstrate our latest product innovations, and visitors will be able to explore application examples of the coloration of Ice Melt.

Through a broad range of color options, our Liquitint® and Liquitint DR polymeric colorants can help to highlight safety and community awareness of your snow and ice management products and activities. 

Not only do our Liquitint® colorants help to identify different types of Ice Melt formulations, but they provide brand identity, product appeal and results that your customers will notice. As a cost-savings benefit, our Liquitint® colorants help to prevent under- and over- application of ice melt treatments by providing an application indicator. This also helps to quickly and easily check tank levels, application patterns, and performance of blending, spreading, and spraying equipment.

These benefits merely scratch the surface. To learn more, stop by to visit our team at booth  945 or read more.