UV protection the new performance standard for PET packaging

Additive Solutions at Arabplast

Milliken will kick off the New Year by showcasing the latest advancements in PP and PET at Arabplast 2015, January 10-13 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Arabplast organizers predict over 34,000 polypropylene (PP) producers, converters and brand owners will attend the event, set to feature products in every area of the plastics, polymer and rubber supply chains. 

Announced earlier this year, Milliken will display a number of key innovations at Arabplast 2015. These include: 

Ultra Clear PP with Millad® NX™ 8000 

  • Millad® NX™ 8000 allows for superior clarity in PP for both thermoformed and injection molded applications, giving brand owners the opportunity to switch from PET and PS to a lightweight and cost-effective solution with Ultra Clear PP.
  • Milliken’s clarifying agents go beyond thermoforming and injection molding. PP clarified with Millad® NX™ 8500E is the perfect solution for extrusion blow molding in lightweight bottles, providing enhanced clarity and surface finish.

Hyperform® HPN nucleating agents

  • Providing improved stiffness/impact balance in PP and eliminating warpage, Milliken’s Hyperform HPN-20E allows for consistent processing in items such as buckets, with excellent stacking performance.
  • Hyperform HPN-600ei is the perfect additive for deep-drawn thermoformed cups, enabling significant improvements in ovality, stiffness/impact balance, processing speed and overall aesthetics.

UV protection for PET packaging with ClearShield™

Longer shelf life for packaged goods is critical in hot and dry climates like the Middle East, making UV solar radiation particularly important. Milliken’s ClearShield™ Colorless UV Absorbers for PET packaging extend the shelf life of packaged foods, beverages and other products by maintaining the transparency of PET while blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays up to 390 nm.

To learn more, visit Milliken at Arabplast 2015 Booth #6D100, or read more about our performance additives

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