Milliken at ALL4PACK in Paris

Representatives from Milliken are in Paris this week, exhibiting at ALL4PACK, an event centered on the packaging, processing, printing and handling industries, with educational seminars, a large exhibition hall, and talks from industry leaders. 

At booth 7L131, Milliken is sharing with ALL4PACK visitors the benefits of PP clarified with Millad® NX™ 8000—known as UltraClear PP—for thermoformed packaging applications. Not only does UltraClear PP offer enhanced aesthetics with glass-like clarity, but also improved performance and sustainability. 

UltraClear PP packaging applications are microwaveable, heat-resistant, and easy to seal. With a lighter weight than PET, more trays can be created from 1kg of PP than from 1kg of PET, resulting in increased output for more efficient production and potential cost savings. And unlike multi-layered PET trays, UltraClear PP trays contain only one material, making them easy to recycle. 

If you’re attending ALL4PACK this week, we invite you to join us at booth 7L131, or learn more at nxultraclearpp.com