Creative Colorants Children Art Project
Creative Colorants Children Art Project

Back to School with Milliken

Across much of the world, students are heading back to school. Stores everywhere are advertising supplies from notebooks and pencils to tablets and tennis shoes. Technology from Milliken Chemical improves many of the products that parents, teachers, and students depend on in the classroom, the cafeteria, and on the athletic field.


It's elementary: UltraClear PP makes food storage containers aesthetically pleasing. That means containers clarified with Milliken Chemical’s Millad® NX 8000 keep school lunches (and other foods) safe and fresh. Studies show that consumers equate UltraClear PP's clarity with cleanliness and authenticity. Milliken additives also make containers easily recyclable, demonstrating UltraClear PP’s sustainability. But while adults give high marks to the ecological and hygienic benefits, students just like the way their lunch looks and tastes.


The Milliken Chemical team has engineered proprietary polymeric colorants for use in numerous back-to-school supplies such as markers, paints, and other art products. Creative Colorants are specially designed to produce an excellent combination of skin and fabric washability and avoid surface permeation without including surfactants or other costly additives. Moms and dads enjoy Creative Colorants’ non-staining benefits; teachers appreciate the dependability and safety that markers and paint with Milliken’s additives offer. And students really gravitate toward the nearly limitless variety of bold, bright colors. 


Back-to-school usually includes plenty of extracurricular activities, and synthetic fabrics improved with Milliken additives are an increasingly popular choice for atheletic wear. Antimicrobial AlphaSan® uses the power of silver to protect against bacteria and other microbes that cause odor and discoloration, so school uniforms and sports gear fight odor and stay fresh all year. Coaches favor the exceptional odor control; parents applaud the easy-care, quick-dry properties; and kids give the the soft, breathable comfort an A+.

Milliken Chemical strives to solve the world’s biggest problems on a human level. One way we do that is by making the products you use every day at home, school, and on the job work better than ever.