ClearShield Detergent On Shelf

Strengthen Brand Reputation with High Performance, High Value UV Protection

Product integrity is central to a brand’s reputation, but harmful UV rays can degrade products on store shelves, in transit, or in consumer homes. That’s why brands need reliable ways to shield their products from UV light while also preserving attractive packaging. Milliken’s ClearShield® 390B offers the ideal solution for protecting a brand’s products, profitability, and reputation. 

ClearShield® 390B makes it possible to use clear, attractive PET packaging while still achieving maximum protection against UV damage. Let’s take a look at some of the ways this additive benefits brands:

  • Prevents Product Degradation—UV light can damage products, causing changes in color, aroma, and nutritional value. Powerful UV protection, prevents product degradation by serving as a shield against high-wavelength UV rays.
  • Protects Brand Reputation—Brand reputation depends on consumer trust. Because ClearShield® 390B prevents loss of product integrity, it ensures that customers always enjoy the same positive experience each time they purchase a product.
  • Supports Clean Labels and Sustainability—Growing consumer demand for clean labels and sustainability have increased the need for packaging solutions that support recycling and don’t migrate into the product. ClearShield® 390B accomplishes both of those goals by providing powerful, clear UV protection that won’t darken the recycle stream and by reducing the need for added preservatives in package contents.
  • Controls Costs—ClearShield polymeric UV absorbers eliminate plate-out issues associated with conventional UV absorbers and delivers high performance at very low loadings. It requires one-tenth the amount of additive to achieve optimal protection as compared with the amount required by other UV absorbers.

ClearShield® 390B is food contact compliant and uses a polymer-bound formulation, meaning that it will not migrate out of the packaging and contaminate the contents. As brands look for reliable ways to ensure the highest possible performance and value, ClearShield® 390B is the clear choice for product protection, profitability, and brand reputation.

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