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Support Clean Product Labeling and Brand Trust With ClearShield™ 390B

The clean label movement has expanded its reach as consumers become more aware of (and more concerned with) what’s in their food. Over three-quarters of adults in the United States claim to read labels at least some of the time according to the FDA’s Health and Diet Survey. What are those consumers looking for? The definition of “clean label” can vary, but generally they want to see recognizable ingredients. That might mean an affinity for organic or non-GMO products, but it can also mean avoiding artificial preservatives and colors as well as antibiotics and hormones.

This movement away from unrecognizable ingredients has led many food companies to look for alternative ways to protect products against UV degradation. Common preservatives like sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid must be added to the product itself in order to maintain flavor, color, and nutritional value. But clean label formulations need a different approach to protect UV-sensitive ingredients.

ClearShield™ 390B places this essential UV protection into the PET bottle itself, accomplishing the goal of blocking harmful UV rays while also supporting clean labeling. As the only polymer-bound UV absorber on the market, ClearShield™ 390B will not migrate to the surface of PET bottles or into package contents.

Because color and flavor are closely tied with product integrity and brand trust, it’s important that products retain these qualities on store shelves and in consumers’ homes. With ClearShield™ 390B, brands can achieve extended shelf life and enhanced UV protection for products without adding preservatives directly to the product.

As an added benefit, ClearShield™ 390B is resistant to plate-out during the manufacturing process. It will not leave residue on molds, and that reduces production time and cost by minimizing downtime for cleaning the machinery.

Clean labeling has moved beyond the status of a trend. It is quickly becoming a common expectation on the part of consumers. ClearShield™ 390B helps brands continue to offer the products consumers know and trust, while also supporting efforts to move toward clean, recognizable ingredients.

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