Milliken to Highlight its Clear Packaging Solutions at Interpack 2017

Leading polyolefins additives supplier Milliken has innovative solutions to showcase at the upcoming Interpack 2017 trade fair for clear packaging applications in polypropylene and PET. “NX UltraClear PP, which is polypropylene clarified with Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000, is the ideal material to bring exceptional clarity, aesthetics, lightweighting and increased sustainability to a variety of commercial packaging applications,” according to Sami T.K. Palanisami, Milliken Commercial Manager – EMEA. 

Brand owners benefit from thermoformed NX™ UltraClear PP
When it comes to thermoformed and foldable packaging, NX UltraClear PP offers an all-round packaging solution. These include:

  • Glass-like transparency 
  • Lighter weight
  • Stiffness & impact strength
  • Sealing effectiveness
  • Hot filling, retort & microwave ability
  • Recycling & sustainability

Injection molders see environmental, productivity gains
Injection molders use NX UltraClear PP because it can help them to boost productivity and enhance sustainability. The material allows molders to reduce processing temperatures from 235°C to 190°C, resulting in lower energy use, reduced CO2 emissions and up to 10% faster cycle times.

Enabling complex, easy-empty blow molded bottles
NX UltraClear PP allows brand owners to develop lightweight bottles with integrated handles and complex, eye-catching designs.  Polypropylene made using Milliken’s Millad NX 8000E additive offers the lowest density and lower weight compared to glass and all alternative EBM plastics. For example, clear handleware bottles made using NX UltraClear PP have a density of 0.9 g/cc compared to PET’s 1.35 g/cc, yet deliver the same clarity level. At Interpack, visitors can experience first-hand the easy-empty feature of such bottles, which reduces product waste.

Package your products in PET with confidence with ClearShield UV absorber
Milliken’s advances are not limited to polypropylene. The company also brings real value to PET packaging via its ClearShield® UV absorber. This technology effectively protects UV-sensitive packed contents from degradation while maintaining the clarity and transparency of PET.

ClearShield-modified PET enables the use of more environmentally friendly contents, and serves to extend the shelf life of packaged materials, which in turn helps to reduce waste and protect brand image.

Visit Milliken at Interpack 2017 at Hall 10, Booth C32.