Bottles made with PET

Protect PET Packaged Goods from Harmful UV light Degradation Using ClearShield UV Absorber

Due to increasing consumer demand for more natural ingredients in everything from solid or liquid food and vitamins to home and personal care products such as shampoos, dyes and cleaning chemicals, brand owners need more competitive ways to reduce UV degradation through their packaging material. Exposure to UV light can degrade natural ingredients and negatively impact the consistency of package contents in terms of appearance, fragrance, color, flavor or nutrient value. 

ClearShield® UV Absorber Offers a Better Alternative

Milliken's ClearShield® offers enhanced UV protection in PET packaging, providing a better, simpler alternative to traditional methods for protecting UV-sensitive packaged contents from UV degradation. Milliken creates innovative solutions for clear packaging applications in PET. By incorporating the UV absorber into the PET packaging itself, Milliken's technology removes the often high loadings of UV additives that previously were included in the formulations of the packaged contents themselves. This protects UV-sensitive packaged contents from degradation while still maintaining high clarity and transparency in the packaging.

ClearShield® UV Absorber Offers a Cost-Reducing Solution

Brand owners see reduced cost by simplifying the formulation process and decreasing the amount of UV additive needed. ClearShield-modified PET enables the use of more environmentally friendly contents and serves to extend the shelf life of packaged materials. This, in turn, helps reduce waste and protect brand image.

Come see how ClearShield can provide increased UV Protection for PET packaging by visiting Milliken at Interpack 2017 at Hall 10, Booth C32.

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