clearshield UV absorber maintain transparency

Core values: Ensuring brand integrity

For brands, nothing is more vital than reputation. Any brand owner will tell you that the consistency of their consumer packaged goods — in appearance, fragrance, color, flavor and nutrient value — is vital to brand integrity.

But the challenge to ensure that consistency gets tougher every day. Consumers are demanding more natural ingredients in everything from food and vitamins, to home- and personal-care products. Such ingredients, however, are susceptible to UV light exposure, which can degrade and negatively impact the contents of such packages, with potentially disastrous brand consequences.

When used in PET packaging, Milliken’s ClearShield® UV absorbers effectively protect UV-sensitive contents from degradation. ClearShield® offers an alternative, simpler means of UV protection. By incorporating the UV absorber into the PET packaging itself, this technology allows brand owners to remove the often high loadings of UV additives that until now have been included in the formulations of the contents themselves. This can reduce cost by simplifying the formulation process and lessening the amount of UV additive needed.

Enhance the consistency of your packaged products, extend their shelf life, reduce waste, and protect your brand image all at the same time with ClearShield®.

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