FANUC Molds PP Parts with Hyperform® HPN at K 2016

Under our K 2016 theme “Making Polypropylene Clearer, Better, Faster. Together”, we’ve partnered with resin producers and machinery makers to display the power of our additives for polypropylene parts. You can find Hyperform® HPN in these medical parts being produced by FANUC.  

At Booth B03 in Hall 14, FANUC CORPORATION has been molding cylindrical medical parts on one of its all-electric ROBOSHOT α-S220iA injection molding machines. The part is made from MOL Group’s TATREN IM 22 63 polypropylene resin, which has medium fluidity and is known for its processing stability. The resin has been enhanced by our Hyperform® HPN nucleators, which allow processors to achieve higher PP performance through improved stability and stiffness in lightweight parts. Hyperform HPN has been shown to increase stiffness by about 10% when compared to conventionally nucleated resin without sacrificing the impact behavior of non-nucleated PP. 

Visit FANUC, MOL Group, and Milliken to learn more. 

Milliken: Hall 6, stand A27
FANUC: Hall 14, stand B03
MOL GROUP: Hall 8B, stand C71