February Canned Food Month

February is National Canned Food Month—four weeks (plus one day this Leap Year!) to overhaul and re-supply your pantry. Studies show that having a well-stocked pantry makes it more likely that you’ll cook wholesome and delicious meals at home instead of eating out. And data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey indicates that people who eat canned fruits and vegetables have better overall diets and increased nutrient consumption than those who do not.

What are the advantages of canned fruits and vegetables? The following are just some of the benefits of adding canned goods to your food repertoire:

  • Nutrition—Because they’re processed at the peak of freshness, some foods are actually higher in vitamins and minerals when canned. And like home canned goods, these fruit and veggies feature no chemicals or preservatives.
  • Convenience—The shelf life of canned goods make them ready whenever you are. And with new pop-tops, canned fruit and veggies are entirely portable.
  • Less Waste—It’s proven that canned goods alternatives reduce food spoilage and waste. That’s because canned foods stay safe as long as the sealed can is unopened.

At Milliken Chemical, we’re concerned about those same benefits—nutrition, convenience, and waste reduction. That’s why we’ve developed additives for the food and beverage packaging industry that help manufacturers achieve those advantages.

Last year Milacron, a leading global supplier of plastics processing technologies, introduced Klear Can. As the name implies, Klear Can is a transparent alternative to traditional metal cans. Milacron’s Klear Cans feature two layers of NX™ UltraClear PP and can accommodate the same easy-open and conventional lids.

What are the advantages of crystal-clear containers made with NX UltraClear PP?

  • Nutrition—keeps food fresh with no potentially harmful bisphenol-A (BPA) or bisphenol-S (BPS) plasticizers
  • Convenience—strong, lightweight, microwavable, easy sealing, holds hot or cold foods
  • Less Waste—light weight decreases manufacturer transportation costs, fuel usage, and carbon emissions; recyclable with established systems 

Best of all consumers can see the difference—the superb freshness of fruits, vegetables, and other foods. And thanks to NX UltraClear PP’s excellent flexibility, these transparent containers resist dents and other handling damage common with other materials. Look for crystal-clear containers made with Milliken’s proprietary technology at your local supermarket. The difference will surprise you.

During this National Canned Food Month, take time to re-supply your own storeroom with nutritious and convenient canned fruits and veggies. And perhaps consider helping to stock the shelves at your local food pantry or participating in a food drive as well.

For more information on how Milliken Chemical can help you provide innovative products and service for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable earth, contact us.