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Improve Patient Comfort and Reduce Costs With Strategic Advancements in Wound Care Technology

Technology advancements in wound care dressings give healthcare clinicians powerful options for superior wound care and enhanced patient comfort. At the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC Spring), Milliken will present their family of wound care dressings that have been designed around Active Fluid Management (AFM)® Technology, making it possible to keep the skin around the wound dry and the wound bed moist, while pulling harmful exudate away from the wound as it heals. The symposium will take place April 5-9, 2017 in San Diego. Milliken’s TRITEC™, TRITEC™ Silver, ULTRA and ULTRA Silver Foam dressings will be on exhibit at Booth 737.

TRITEC™ and TRITEC™ Silver Dressings Offer Better Wound Care Alternatives

TRITEC™ and TRITEC™ Silver use Milliken’s patented AFM® Technology to pull excess exudate away from the wound and protect healthy skin. TRITEC™ dressings protect acute and chronic wounds such as partial thickness burns, incisions, skin grafts, donor sites, lacerations, and ulcers. TRITEC™ Silver adds a controlled-release silver ion that inhibits infection-causing microbes and bacteria. Because they have been designed to inhibit bacteria and pull exudate away from wounds, dressings don’t need to be changed as frequently. These dressings can be cut to size and stay intact even when wet. They also move flexibly with the patient and conform to areas that prove difficult to dress, providing increased patient comfort and enhanced wound care.

ULTRA and ULTRA Silver Foam Dressings Protect Patients and Reduce Costs

Milliken designed ULTRA and ULTRA Silver foam dressings to address significant wound drainage while also protecting wounds from trauma. They are ideal for partial thickness burns, skin grafts, donor sites, lacerations, abrasions, incisions, and Stage II-IV dermal ulcers. Like the TRITEC™ family of dressings, ULTRA and ULTRA Silver foam dressings use AFM® Technology to remove excess exudate, protect healthy skin, and minimize patient discomfort. ULTRA Silver dressings also include ceramic silver ion technology to inhibit microbes and bacteria that could cause infection. Fewer dressing changes and less wound bed disturbance ensure increased patient comfort, while longer wear times offer significant cost savings for healthcare clinics. These dressings last up to three days and may be used under compression as needed.

Come see how TRITEC™, TRITEC™ Silver, ULTRA, AND ULTRA Silver can deliver increased patient care, better wound care management, and significant cost savings by visiting Milliken at SAWC Spring 2017 at Booth 737.

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