At NPE 2018, jARDEN Plastic Solutions will produce onsite a lightweight, barrier-enhanced pharmaceutical bottle with a clear, colorful cap.

sacmi_1.jpgSouth Carolina-based jARDEN Plastic Solutions has partnered with SACMI Group, the inventor of CBF™ machinery, and specialty chemicals supplier Milliken & Company at NPE. The light-weight 90cc high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pharmaceutical bottle is being produced at jARDEN’s booth (#W231A). This bottle illustrates the sustainability, consistency and improved barrier performance of bottles and containers manufactured by jARDEN and utilizing Milliken’s additive technologies and SACMI’s CBF™ machinery.

jARDEN is an innovative solutions provider specializing in high-volume, precision, clean spec manufacturing of plastic components. The company developed a lightweight, barrier enhanced pharmaceutical bottle to meet its launch partner’s demand for reduced plastic content without sacrificing the bottle’s moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) and/or light transmission performance.

SACMI Group is leading the industry with its patented CBF™ machinery that delivers highly consistent wall thicknesses, reduces energy usage and scrap, and provides faster cycle times than injection blow molding.

Milliken’s barrier improvement additive creates a tortuous path that inhibits passage of moisture and oxygen. It can increase the barrier properties of HDPE by 20-60 percent, allowing for thinner walls and less plastic with equal protection.

The cap displayed on jARDEN’s bottle was produced with clarified PP containing Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifier and ClearTint™ colorants, which deliver the clearest and brightest colors for transparent PP. These versatile additives can be used as a light tint to mask residual haze. They can also achieve deep, rich shades.

At its booth (#S26023) Milliken is featuring its extensive portfolio of additive technologies for improving the clarity, performance and processing of polyolefins.

sacmi_2.jpgWe invite you to contact the companies for more information. Visit jARDEN Plastic Solutions, SACMI Group and Milliken at NPE or go online at www.jardenplasticsolutions.com, www.sacmi.com and chemical.milliken.com

Milliken: South Hall S26023
SACMI Group: West Hall W363
jARDEN Plastic Solutions: West Hall W231A

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