ClearShield Bottles UV Absorber

Milliken’s ClearShield UV absorbers offer safe protection for home and personal care PET packaging

To better meet consumer needs and demands, makers of home- and personal-care products increasingly are using more natural ingredients, while also embracing memorable colors, active ingredients and special additives. But they’re finding that UV light can negatively impact some of these new ingredients, and current UV filters come with their own challenges. 

CSK_2_copy.jpgSpecialty chemicals supplier Milliken & Co. has developed a better alternative. It created its ClearShield UV absorber specifically to address these issues in PET packaging. This crystal-clear additive offers a wider range of UV protection than other products (up to 390 nm), has proven efficacy in protecting sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and dyes, and retains the high transparency of PET without unwanted shading.

Use of Milliken’s ClearShield UV absorber in the packaging offers an alternative, simpler way to provide UV protection to formulations without reworking the composition. It also gives more freedom in formulation design and con dence in the end-product quality, as it is possible to extend the formulation shelf-life and avoid color fading while keeping the visual appeal of a product in transparent packaging.

Adopting Milliken’s ClearShield UV absorber in your PET packaging can allow brand owners to use sensitive, natural ingredients, extend their products’ shelf life, and remain friendly to recycling streams — all while avoiding regulatory uncertainty and the complexity of an extra formulation step.

Milliken ClearShield UV absorbers — for better, brighter, more stable and more sustainable PET packaging. Naturally.


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