ClearShield UV Absorbers on Display at K 2016

In addition to advances in polypropylene, visitors to booth Booth A27, Hall 6 at K 2016 will find Milliken’s full line of additives for PE, PET, AND PU. Among these innovations is ClearShield UV absorber for PET packaging, a crystal-clear additive that protects package contents from the damaging effects of UV exposure. 

ClearShield_web.jpgWith brand owners looking to differentiate their home and personal care products using bold and memorable colors, the ability to maintain those colors under prolonged UV exposure is crucial. UV light causes unwanted fading over time, and can also negatively impact natural ingredients, the use of which continues to grow in the marketplace.

ClearShield UV absorbers in PET packaging combat discoloration and deterioration of natural products under UV exposure while maintaining the high transparency of PET. Protecting both the ingredients and colorants within, ClearShield allows for an extended shelf life of PET packaging without added steps in processing.

ClearShield is known for its wider range of UV protection (up to 390 nm) when compared to other products, and has been proven to protect even the most sensitive ingredients, including vitamins and dyes.

To learn more about ClearShield UV Absorbers for PET, visit millikenchemical.com/K2016 or contact us today.

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