Polypropylene parts with Milliken performance additives

Showcasing Dimensional Stability with Hyperform® HPN at K 2016

Milliken_Better_image_CEN10081611456_thumb_up_RGB.jpgWe’ve welcomed visitors from around the world to our K 2016 booth, sharing how we’re partnering to make polypropylene (PP) clearer, better, and faster. We invite you to join us at Booth A27 in Hall 6 through October 26 to learn how our additives can bring significant improvements to PP production and parts. 

Our Hyperform® HPN nucleators are helping processors achieve better PP parts in a shorter amount of time with improved stiffness, weight reduction, and reduced warpage. The possibilities for more effective PP parts are nearly endless, as HPN nucleators are suitable for food-contact and medical and pharmaceutical parts. 

HPN nucleators are powered by a unique structure that allows for a balanced orientation of crystal structures in PP, resulting in reduced anisotropic shrinkage behavior and dimensionally stable parts in even the most demanding applications. This means fewer defective parts, less material waste, and a better quality end product, all promoting faster production. 

To learn how HPN can improve your production process, stop by Booth A27 in Hall 6 at K 2016 or visit millikenchemical.com/k2016.