Polypropylene parts with Milliken performance additives

At K 2016, Milliken & Co. will showcase a value-added portfolio of additives, including its Hyperform® HPN nucleator

Specialty chemicals supplier Milliken & Co. will use its presence at the K 2016 trade show in Düsseldorf to highlight the benefits of using its nucleating agent to enhance the performance of polypropylene.

At Booth A27 in Hall 6 at the Oct. 19-26 show, Milliken will focus on how it assists its customers and partners by “Making polypropylene clearer, better, faster. Together.”

In addition to demonstrating its clarifying technology, Milliken will also show visitors how its Hyperform® HPN nucleating agent helps processors achieve faster production. Converters report 10-15% faster cycle times when replacing resins containing a conventional nucleating agent. Hyperform HPN has easy dispersion, which follows the trend for high melt flow rate, reactor-grade homo and impact copolymers.

The additive also aids dimensional stability in the final part. Hyperform HPN nucleators achieve a balanced orientation of crystal structures in PP that is proven to improve stability and reduce the resin’s warpage/anisotropic shrinkage behavior, even in demanding injection molding applications such as caps and closures, and for parts that operate in elevated-temperature environments. HPN nucleators can also be safely included in PP used in food-contact, medical and pharmaceutical applications. Additionally, converters processing HPN-modified resin should experience less scrap, fewer defective parts, and overall higher-quality components. Please see the HPN video below for more insights.

In short, Hyperform HPN nucleators enable PP converters to produce consistently higher-quality products at high speed. The additive allows for stronger, lighter parts by increasing stiffness by about 10% when compared to conventionally nucleated PP, while still retaining the same impact behavior as a non-nucleated resin.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, you need to make the most of every available advantage. When it comes to processing polypropylene, Milliken can help you to do just that, while also offering technical support worldwide to resin producers, compounders and converters.

Stop by to see us at K 2016, and learn more online at www.millikenchemical.com/K2016 


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