Polypropylene parts with Milliken performance additives

Making Polypropylene Better at K 2016

At K 2016, Milliken is highlighting its performance additives for polypropylene under the theme “Making Polypropylene Clearer, Better, Faster. Together.”  Visitors to Milliken’s booth 6A27 will not only see how Millad® NX™ 8000 makes polypropylene clearer, but also how Milliken’s Hyperform® HPN nucleating agents make polypropylene (PP) better, providing improvements in stability, strength, and aesthetics.

Hyperform HPN nucleators allow for an ideal balance of physical properties in PP parts, improving the overall performance of the end product. Hyperform HPN nucleators also override the nucleating effect of pigments, meaning high part quality is possible regardless of the color used.

Using Hyperform HPN in PP applications results in stronger, lighter parts by achieving an improvement in stiffness of around 10% when compared to conventionally nucleated PP, while still retaining the same impact behavior as a non-nucleated resin. Hyperform HPN improves the stiffness of non-nucleated PP by 25-30%.

The unique isotropic shrinkage behavior of each Hyperform HPN nucleator keeps parts from warping in even the most demanding environments and applications, such injection-molded caps and closures and elevated temperature environments in some auto and appliances applications.

K 2016 attendees can find Hyperform HPN in a range of applications produced live at partner booths throughout the show. To view the full list of partner booths producing PP parts live at K 2016, visit millikenchemical.com/K2016.

Open your eyes to the benefits of Hyperform HPN and visit millikenchemical.com/K2016 for more information. Visit our stand 6A27 at K 2016.