Polyurethane Foam in Full Color at K 2016

At K 2016, Milliken is teaming up with polyurethane (PU) foam producer Torres Espic and foam-cutting machinery manufacturer Fecken-Kirfel to showcase the many advantages of quality PU foam cut into custom shapes and brought to life with Milliken’s rich, lasting Reactint® colorants.

A mattress-sized foam piece produced by Torres Espic and colored with Reactint colorants will be on display at Fecken-Kirfel’s K 2016 booth (Hall 3, Booth 15) during K 2016. Using Fecken-Kirfel’s highly-efficient and operator-friendly horizontal Contour Cutting Center, the foam piece will be cut into different contours with intricate profiles, highlighting each layer of PU foam.

Each foam layer will be colored with a different custom shade formulated from Reactint colorants. From a small inventory of six shades, Reactint colorants can be made into endless custom color formulations for polyurethane products, helping brand owners highlight specific product advantages and avoid the common yellowing of PU foam.

Torres Espic chose Reactint colorants to display the support and comfort layers of its mattress core, made from its high-end Ikon and Resilén foams. Torres Espic foams meet stringent safety requirements, and can be safely colored with Reactint colorants, which contain no heavy metals or harmful substances.

Because Reactint colorants are polymeric in nature, they react directly into the foam without affecting the foam’s formulation or quality. This eliminates the potential for migration and emissions and results in deeply colored foam products that maintain a rich hue for years to come.

Contact any of the following parties for additional information — Milliken Chemical: www.millikenchemical.com/K2016, Torres Espic: www.torresespic.es, Fecken-Kirfel: www.fecken-kirfel.com. We hope to see you at K! 

Milliken: Hall 6, Booth A27
Fecken-Kirfel: Hall 3, Booth 15


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