Bottles made with PET

Keep the PET recycling stream clear

PET packaging offers tremendous benefits to food and beverage brand owners, but also can be problematic to the post-use recycling stream if those products are dark or colored. Such opaque and colored PET materials tend to make the recycle stream dark, which can make recycling more difficult and lessen the value of the reclaimed product.

Packagers often darken those containers for the purpose of better protecting the contents from UV light, which can negatively impact the appearance, fragrance, color, flavor and nutrient value of such products. 

A better solution is to use clear, uncolored PET. Milliken’s ClearShield® UV absorbers in clear PET packaging effectively protect UV-sensitive contents from degradation, all with no compromise in product quality. 

ClearShield® offers an alternative, simpler means of UV protection. By incorporating the UV absorber into the PET package itself, this technology allows brand owners to remove the often-high loadings of UV additives that until now have been included in the formulations of the contents themselves. This can reduce cost by simplifying the formulation process and lessening the amount of UV additive needed. 

Protect your product’s consistency, extend its shelf life, reduce waste and safeguard your brand image all at the same time by using ClearShield®. 

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