Milliken Liquitint Water Soluble Fertilizer

Explore Fertilizer Coloration with Milliken's Liquitint® at Argus FMB Europe Fertilizer 2017

On 18-20 of October, Milliken Chemical will be attending the 31st annual Argus FMB Europe Fertilizer Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Over 700 participants representing 361 companies from 58 countries will attend, sharing valuable industry insights and innovations in the European fertilizer industry. At Stand 3 in the exhibition area, Milliken’s team will be demonstrating some of the latest advancements in products that benefit the fertilizer industry.

Visitors will explore application examples of fertilizer coloration with Milliken’s Liquitint® Agro colorants. Liquitint Agro colorants are cleaner and easier to manufacture, with vibrant colorant technology that lowers costs for fertilizer developers.

Problem-solving colorant innovation gives manufacturers the option to color fertilizer for easy identification: red for tomato plants, green for green vegetation. And unlike other colorants on the market, Milliken’s Liquitint Agro colorants are fully soluble. They won’t settle in liquid formulas or clog spray applicators, and they eliminate fine colorant dust in dry formulas for reduced staining of equipment and personnel. Milliken’s innovative colorant technology benefits every stage of the fertilizer process, from manufacturing to field application. Problem-solving, sustainable developments reduce cleanup time, simplify field application, and promote improved manufacturing processes for a high quality end product.

Stop by Stand 3 in the exhibition hall to learn more about how Milliken’s Liquitint Agro colorants can benefit the fertilizer industry!

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