Experience Liquid Brilliance at SEPAWA Congress 2017 With Liquitint® Colorants

Today’s consumers want more from their laundry products and household cleaners. In addition to excellent performance, they want eco-friendly formulas that won’t harm the environment. Next week at SEPAWA Congress 2017, Milliken will be demonstrating how Liquitint® polymeric colorants help brand owners meet those expectations with environmentally friendly solutions. These water soluble, non-staining colorants not only increase sustainability in manufacturing, but also deliver brilliant, beautiful colors that enhance the value of the product and brand.

Colors play a huge role in brand recognition, and that means brands need colorants that remain clear, bright, and don’t degrade over time. Colors serve to show where the product has been applied and how much has been used, and brilliant colors that don’t fade or become cloudy can also boost the product’s shelf appeal.

Liquitint colorants are environmentally safe, and they deliver clear, highly concentrated colors that are compatible with most cationic, anionic, non-ionic, and quarternary systems. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications including aviation, car wash detergents, household cleaners, industrial chemicals, laundry care products, fertilizer and more.

At SEPAWA Congress 2017, Milliken will be showcasing the power of Liquitint colorants in laundry products, household cleaners, and industrial chemicals. Stop by Booth 613-614 to learn how Liquitint can add value to all of your aqueous applications.

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