At NPE 2018, LK Systems Inc. to demonstrate double-digit cycle time reduction in injection molding with Milliken’s solutions for faster, trouble-free production.

At NPE, booth #S12011, global machinery manufacturer, LK Systems, is collaborating with specialty chemicals supplier Milliken & Company to highlight new opportunities for cycle time reduction using Milliken’s advanced additive technology. LK Systems will injection mold a five-gallon pail made from Alathon M5265 HDPE by LyondellBasell.

LK Systems’ Forza III injection molding machine (600 tons) is designed for producing large parts such as crates, pallets, and automotive and appliance components. This versatile and efficient machine features a two-platen clamping design that maximizes molding space.

Milliken’s additive technology increases the resin crystallization temperature and the rate of crystallization to reduce cooling duration and shorten overall cycle times by 15 percent or more.

LK Systems will show how the combination of its technology and Milliken’s solution can drive down cycle times and boost productivity, using the example of a black five-gallon utility pail for industrial and home use.

Average cycle time for the pail is 18 seconds.


At its booth (#S26023) Milliken is featuring its extensive portfolio of additive technologies for improving the clarity, performance and processing of polyolefins.

We invite you to contact the companies for more information. Visit LK Systems and Milliken at NPE or go online at www.lktechnology.com and chemical.milliken.com

Milliken: South Hall S26023
LK Machinery: S12011

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