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Millad® NX™ 8000 Blends Beautiful Transparency With Energy Savings at K2016

It’s not always easy to deliver an aesthetically pleasing product that also achieves cost savings and energy efficiency objectives. Milliken Chemical has made it possible to meet all of those goals with Millad® NX™ 8000, a 4th-generation clarifying agent that creates efficient, sustainable, beautifully transparent polypropylene.

At K2016, Milliken partnered with Italtech to create transparent food buckets using Italtech’s newly patented KL 650 injection molding machine. Clarified with Millad® NX™ 8000, the polypropylene used for the buckets showcased exceptional transparency, organoleptic efficiency, and energy savings resulting from a 20% cycle temperature decrease.

Millad® NX™ 8000 offers the perfect solution for injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, and virtually all other processing methods on the market. That makes it the perfect choice for food storage, product packaging, baby bottles, office supplies, and many other applications.