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Milliken and Lacerta to Feature Tamper-evident Food Packaging with High-temp Capability at IDDBA

According to the 2016 Trends Report from the Foodservice Packaging Institute,1 changes in meal preparation and distribution – such as grab-and-go foods and online ordering -- are driving greater interest in tamper-evident packaging and food safety.

Discerning shoppers, including many Millennials, are concerned about food integrity and safety. Clear packaging with tamper-evident features helps provide assurance of quality and freshness.

But today’s busy consumers expect even more from their fresh-to-go purchases from the deli/ prepared food department of supermarkets and grocery stores.

They want convenience.

Often, this means the ability to purchase hot items or microwave food at home or the office – without giving up the clear, tamper-evident packaging they value.

Lacerta Expands Packaging Features of Fresh n’ Sealed Packaging

Lacerta Group, Inc., a leading U.S. plastics thermoformer, has added hot-fill and microwave capability to its Fresh n’ Sealed tamper-evident food packaging by switching to NX™ UltraClear polypropylene (PP) from Milliken & Company. Unlike traditional polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the original material used in Fresh n’ Sealed containers, NX UltraClear PP supplies outstanding high-temperature resistance.

The new Lacerta packaging is one of the first clear PP designs to offer tamper-evident properties. Its “Pull Here to Open” tear strip indicates if the container has been tampered with.

It also delivers:

  • Glass-like clarity;
  • Vents in the lid to wick away moisture/steam;
  • A stand-up foot to improve visibility and merchandising;
  • Reduced costs and complexity by avoiding the need for overwrap or shrink bands; and
  • Easy recyclability.

The Lacerta Fresh n’ Sealed concept container, initially to be offered as a customized solution, is on display at IDDBA 2017. Read the news release.  

1Millennials Impact Trends in Foodservice Packaging Industry. News Release. Foodservice Packaging Institute.  Nov. 15, 2016.