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Milliken Healthcare Exhibits Proprietary Burn Dressing Technology at American Burn Association 49th Annual Meeting

Milliken Healthcare will present the family of ASSIST Silver dressings and NuStat™ Flex hemostatic dressings at the American Burn Association’s 49th annual meeting in Boston on March 21 – 24. The meeting will showcase the latest research, information, and technology in the burn industry, and give exhibitors the opportunity to highlight products that will support practitioners across multiple disciplines.

Milliken’s ASSIST Silver dressings feature proprietary ceramic silver ion technology that delivers a sustained release of ionic silver for up to seven days. This controlled release of silver provides broad-spectrum protection against infection-causing microbes, including those that have developed resistance to antibiotics. They also utilize Active Fluid Management® technology, which can pull and trap up to 1,000cc of fluid. Ideal for both acute and chronic wounds such as partial thickness burns, incisions, skin grafts, donor sites, lacerations, and abrasions, these dressings eliminate the need for an additional layer of non-adherent dressing by incorporating a low-adherent surface that minimizes trauma during removal. They are flexible and durable to increase patient comfort and range of motion, and they can be used under compression bandages.

NuStat™ Flex hemostatic dressings use proprietary hemostatic fiber technology to address blood loss. Constructed of biocompatible regenerated cellulose and silica fibers that have inherent hemostatic properties, these dressings conform to the patient to provide direct contact with the wound while also remaining flexible and durable. Using compression, activation of platelets, amplification of the intrinsic and extrinsic coagulation cascade, and red blood cell aggregation, the fibers in the dressing, along with external mechanical compression, control bleeding in lacerations, punctures, abrasions and incisions. NuStat™ Flex dressings won’t tear when wrapped, and they quickly gain control of bleeding as they conform to the patient’s wound area.

In addition to their superior performance, Milliken’s ASSIST Silver dressings and NuStat™ Flex hemostatic dressings also deliver a cost effective solution that is easy to use and provides maximum patient comfort, even in areas that prove difficult to dress.

Stop by Booth 227 on the exhibitor’s floor for a demonstration and more information about how ASSIST Silver and NuStat™ Flex dressings can provide more comfortable, durable wound care for patients.