Milliken to Exhibit at ALL4PACK Paris

Next week, members of the Milliken team will be in Paris, exhibiting at ALL4PACK, a merge of the previous Emballage and Manutention exhibitions. The event is expected to bring in more than 100,000 professionals from the packaging, processing, printing and handling industries. 

At Booth 7L131, Milliken will highlight the advantages of UltraClear PP in thermoformed packaging. Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifying agent allows for the glass-like clarity of UltraClear PP, helping brands meet increasing consumer demand for clear and sustainable packaging. 

Because they contain only one material—unlike multi-layered PET trays—UltraClear PP trays are fully and easily recyclable, reducing landfill waste. UltraClear PP trays are also microwavable, heat resistant, and easily sealed for an all-in-one food packaging solution. 

Other benefits include the potential cost savings brought by UltraClear PP. With the lighter weight of PP when compared to PET, an increased output of trays is possible from the same amount of material. Visitors to Milliken’s ALL4PACK booth will see how 70 trays can be made from 1kg of PP, while 1kg of PET results in just 57 trays. 

Milliken will also feature its ClearShield® Colorless UV Absorbers for PET packaging, which extend the shelf life of packaged food by protecting package contents from the harmful effects of UV light, while also maintaining brand image and overcoming common challenges of traditional UV absorber technology. 

If you plan to attend ALL4PACK, visit Milliken at Booth 7L131, or contact us today.