Milliken ClearShield UV Absorber Bottles

Solving UV exposure with protective PET packaging at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

It’s the last day at PACK EXPO and the Milliken Chemical team has been busy talking with attendees about the innovative plastic packaging solutions Milliken has to offer. One topic of discussion has been around clear PET packaging and the risk of content degradation caused by UV light exposure.  Milliken understands the negative affects of UV exposure and has created a protective solution for PET packaging.

Milliken’s ClearShield® UV absorbers offer enhanced UV protection in PET packaging, providing a better, simpler alternative to traditional methods for protecting UV-sensitive packaged contents from UV degradation. Instead of incorporating UV additives into the formulations of the packaged contents, ClearShield® UV absorbers are incorporated into the PET packaging itself. This protects the UV-sensitive contents while maintaining the crystal clarity and transparency in the packaging.

Brand owners find cost savings with ClearShield UV absorbers through the ability to simplify the formulation process and decrease the use of UV additives. ClearShield-modified PET also serves to extend the shelf life of packaged materials, which reduces waste and protects brand image.

Milliken’s ClearShield 390B technology is food contact compliant and offers a polymer-bound formulation, meaning it does not leach out of the plastic and contaminate the food. This UV absorber is also one of the few UV absorbers that protect ingredients from UV light at a wavelength of up to 400 nm. Studies conducted to measure shelf life of vitamins, fragrances, and certain unprotected colors show a longer shelf life for those contents protected in a ClearShield-modified bottle versus a standard PET package.

These UV-tested comparison parts, such as beverage, hand soap and body wash bottles, will be featured at our Pack Expo booth (#S-7588). Stop by to see for yourself the clear advantages of ClearShield UV absorbers. 

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