Milliken at Interpack 2017

Experience Clearer, Better, Faster PP and PET Packaging Solutions at Interpack 2017

Day 1 of Interpack 2017 is underway and attendess are coming by the Milliken booth for a demonstration of clearer, better, faster packaging results. At Milliken’s booth, you can experience the exceptional product clarity, improved aesthetics, and enhanced consumer appeal of NX™ UltraClear PP, a cost-effective, sustainable packaging alternative. Also featured at the show is Milliken’s ClearShield® UV absorber, an additive that protects PET packaged goods from harmful UV rays while maintaining clarity and transparency.

Milliken’s ground-breaking clarifiers achieve outstanding results in thermoforming, blow-molding, and injection molding. From cups, trays, and clamshells to bottles and carafes, Milliken’s technology is revolutionizing polypropylene packaging.

Visit Milliken at Hall 10, Booth C32 to see the latest advances in packaging technology!