ClearShield UV Absober for Personal Care

Be sure to protect your UV-sensitive vitamins

Brand integrity relies on product quality and consistency. Vitamin makers know this well, since most vitamins are sensitive to light, heat and oxygen in the presence of light (known as the photo-oxidation effect). Vitamin degradation can lead to off-flavor and color shift in the beverage formulation.

For such products packaged in PET containers, this can be a particular concern. PET packaged goods must be protected from exposure both to sunlight and to indoor lighting during storage, distribution, retail display and post-purchase storage.

This is where Milliken is making a difference with its ClearShield® Colorless UV Absorbers, protecting UV-sensitive vitamins from degradation while maintaining the material’s clarity and transparency. 

ClearShield® technology offers an alternative, simpler way to protect against UV exposure. By incorporating the UV absorber into the PET package itself, it allows brand owners to remove the often-high loadings of UV additives previously included in the formulations of the packaged contents. And by helping to reduce the need for stabilizers and preservatives, it often is possible to reduce formulation complexity, which can further reduce cost. 

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