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Reinforce Unique Brand Identity With ClearShield™ UV Protection

Brands depend on colors, flavors, and aromas to give consumers a consistent experience every time they purchase a product. The bright blue color of a favorite dish soap or the bold citrus flavor and signature green color of a sports drink play a significant role in building brand loyalty with consumers and earning their trust. It is essential that products retain these signature qualities as they sit on store shelves or in consumers’ homes.

Over time, however, products may lose their distinctive colors and flavors as they are exposed to UV rays from the sun or from retail lighting. For example, ascorbic acid, which is used to add nutritional value and maintain flavor integrity, may interact with synthetic colorants when exposed to UV light, causing rapid color fading. The resulting inconsistent coloration may affect customer satisfaction and lifetime customer value.

How ClearShield™ 390B Protects Brand Colors and Flavors

Colors have the power to build emotional connections with a product, so much so that many brands have trademarked their unique colors. Many foods and beverages use synthetic colors in their products and have built brand recognition based on visual representation. But UV light causes those colors to fade, especially when they are used in conjunction with certain other ingredients. Flavors can also be photosensitive, losing their distinctive taste as their components break down into byproducts.

ClearShield™ 390B protects products from degradation by blocking UV wavelengths up to 400 nm. Clear PET bottles reinforced with ClearShield™ 390B show significant improvements in product stability when exposed to UV light.

Boosting Brand Integrity With ClearShield™ 390B

Degradation of colors, flavors, and aromas can significantly impact consumer response to a brand, and that in turn can affect profitability. But people show intense loyalty to brands they know and trust, and may continue to purchase the same brand for decades when they see consistent presentation and value. ClearShield™ 390B gives brands the protection they need to prevent UV degradation and to reinforce brand identity with customers over the long term.

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