NX™ UltraClear PP on Display at Sandwich and Snack Show

Milliken & Company is exhibiting at this year’s Sandwich and Snack Show in Paris. The show specializes in on-the-go snacks and meals, with exhibits ranging from vending technology to packaging innovation. Drawing more than 15,000 visitors in 2015, the show features cooking demonstrations, educational sessions, and an innovation gallery.

At Booth A125 in Hall 3, Milliken is showcasing NX™ UltraClear PP, the new standard in clear food packaging, made with Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000. With the potential to cut material costs and reduce energy usage, NX™ UltraClear PP offers an alternative to traditional transparent materials like polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polystyrene (PS).

Not only is NX™ UltraClear PP fully recyclable and reusable, its versatility makes it the ideal choice for thermoformed, injection molded, and blow molded packaging applications. Cups, trays, clamshells, bottles, jars, and food storage containers can all be made with lightweight NX™ UltraClear PP.

If you’re attending the Sandwich and Snack snow, visit Milliken at Booth A125 in Hall 3 to see commercial examples of NX™ UltraClear PP and learn how this innovative packaging material can make a difference in your products.