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Stand Out in a Crowd With Reactint® Deep-Color Applications

It’s tough to differentiate one foam product from another in the minds of consumers. That’s why many brands use color to give their products an extra edge. Color helps products stand out from other similar options, and it can also effectively highlight value by visually contrasting different product capabilities.

At K 2016, Milliken partnered with Fecken-Kirfel to showcase the power of color with Milliken’s Reactint® colorants.  Fecken-Kirfel’s horizontal contour cutting machine used a continuous band knife and automatic grinding to cut deep-colored contour foam parts for the mattress or furniture industry. Reactint® delivers easy processing, flexibility, and a wide color palette for these and other polyurethane and thermoset resins.

Set your brand apart with color applications like automotive headliners and seating, carpet underlays, sponge products, reinforced composites, orthotics, and package foam.