Boost Profits and Build Brand Trust With Superior UV Protection for PET Packaging

It’s a well-known fact that ultraviolet (UV) light can cause damage to perishable products like food, beverages, and household cleaners. UV rays found in sunlight and artificial lighting can cause products to degrade in color, flavor, fragrance, and nutrition. That change in product quality can do serious damage both to your brand reputation and your profit.

But many of the current UV blockers on the market can only protect against UV wavelengths up to 370 nm. That’s a problem, because certain colors, fragrances, and vitamins degrade quickly at high wavelengths, meaning your product quality is still at risk.

One-Of-A-Kind UV Protection With ClearShield™ 390B

ClearShield™ 390B offers one-of-a-kind UV protection that not only prevents product degradation even at high wavelengths, but also provides a transparent, customer-friendly solution that helps your brand build trust with consumers.

Here are three of the ways ClearShield™ 390B protects your products and promotes better brand value:

  • UV Protection—UV-sensitive products quickly degrade in sun and retail lighting. ClearShield™ 390B incorporates UV blockers into the packaging, protecting products at UV wavelengths up to 400nm. That means your products receive protection from wavelengths traditional solutions can’t block, maintaining both the integrity of the product and its visual appeal.
  • Supports Clean Label Trend—Today’s consumers have become increasingly label-savvy, and they’re looking for products without additives wherever possible. They also want packaging that won’t degrade and contaminate contents over time. ClearShield™ 390B meets both of these requirements with a polymer-bound formulation that makes it food contact compliant and prevents migration out of the plastic and into the product.
  • Satisfying Customer Experience—Successful packaging must do more than meet strict quality standards and satisfy customer package safety expectations. It also has to deliver a pleasing customer experience. Customers want to see what they’re buying, and they want it to look healthy and appealing. ClearShield™ 390B makes it possible to use clear packaging rather than opaque or colored plastic so that customers can see what they’re buying, and its UV-protective qualities keep products fresh and appealing over time.

Experience the ClearShield™ Difference

Today’s consumers want more from the brands they buy. They want to know that companies care about product safety, quality, and clean manufacturing. ClearShield™ rises to the challenge, making it possible to maintain crystal clarity in PET packaging while also safeguarding the integrity of every product.

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