At NPE 2018, Tederic will injection mold a yogurt cup using a new machine from its DH Dream Series to demonstrate cycle time reduction with Milliken’s solutions for faster, trouble-free production.

At its NPE booth (# S22057), China’s Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd., is working with Milliken & Company to highlight shorter cycle times and higher productivity that can be achieved using its equipment and Milliken’s advanced additive technology.

Tederic will injection mold a yogurt container made from Braskem PP F180A, a polypropylene homopolymer. Tederic’s DE180 all-electric injection molding machine is tailored to meet customers’ growing demands for high speed, precision, energy saving and quiet operation.

Milliken’s additive technology increases the resin’s crystallization temperature and the rate of crystallization to reduce cooling duration and shorten overall cycle times by 15 percent or more.

Average cycle time for molding the yogurt cup is 6 seconds.


At its booth (#S26023) Milliken is featuring its extensive portfolio of additive technologies for improving the clarity, performance and processing of polyolefins.

We invite you to contact either company for more information. Visit Tederic and Milliken at NPE or go online at chemical.milliken.com and tederic-na.com.

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