ClearShield UV Absorber PET Bottles

Why Environmentally Conscious Brands Choose the ClearShield® 390B UV Barrier

A growing number of consumers value sustainability as an important element of the products and brands they choose to buy. These shoppers prefer recyclable packaging and natural product ingredients as part of a growing movement to protect the environment through sustainable choices. Brands have responded with a shift toward sustainable packaging and clean labeling, and ClearShield® 390B supports these efforts by enabling the use of clear, uncolored PET and eliminating concerns about toxic waste during the recycling process.

How ClearShield® 390B Helps Brands Support Sustainability

Because sustainability has become more important both to consumers and brands, brand owners need solutions that can support efforts toward greater sustainability while also remaining cost effective and visually appealing. ClearShield® 390B accomplishes that goal in two ways:

  • Improving the Recycling Stream—Dark or opaque plastics can’t be recycled with clear plastics, because they darken the recycle stream and reduce the value of the plastic. They also limit the applications for which the recycled plastic can be used since they have fewer color possibilities. Because it provides powerful UV protection without relying on dark colors to block harmful UV rays, ClearShield® 390B gives brands the option to use clear plastic even with UV-sensitive package contents.
  • Eliminating Waste Water Contamination—ClearShield® 390B eliminates concerns about toxicity and waste water contamination that may be associated with other kinds of UV stabilizers.  

Improve Brand Image With Clear UV Protection

Sustainability is an important way to maintain a strong brand image with today’s environmentally conscious consumers. ClearShield® 390B facilitates effective recycling and increases the value of reclaimed plastic by enabling brands to use clear bottles and containers while still protecting package contents, and that’s important to shoppers.

Of course, it’s vital that package contents retain desirable colors, flavors, and nutritional value as well since these are also important contributors to brand image. ClearShield® 390B supports positive experiences with customers from the moment they see a product in the store to the moment they toss the empty package into the recycling bin—and beyond.

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