SiVance C2010 Oil Rig

SiVance C2010 Brings Improved Coating Performance in Tough Environments

Earlier this year, SiVance, a subsidiary of Milliken & Co., announced its new SiVance® C2010 resin, a silicone technology designed for use in epoxy-silicone formulations. Already, coatings made with SiVance C2010 have been shown to better withstand the requirements of harsh operating environments, including oil and gas extraction, marine industries, and chemical manufacturing.

Whereas traditional coatings are subject to cracking, delamination, and blistering under difficult conditions—often leading to corrosion and eventual equipment failure—C2010 offers improved flexibility and impact resistance with little-or-no impact on hardness, adhesion, and other crucial properties. 

The proprietary structure behind SiVance C2010 makes it compatible with a range of epoxy types, and because of its durability, SiVance C2010 is suitable for use in tank linings, subsea coatings, immersion coatings, and thermal insulation. 

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