The Hyperform® Difference

At K 2016, FANUC exhibited injection molding of high-impact polypropylene modified with Hyperform® HPN. Featuring an all-electric injection molding machine, FANUC produced medical parts out of block copolymer nucleated with Hyperform® HPN.

Milliken’s Hyperform® HPN nucleators provide an excellent balance of physical properties, making it possible to maximize PP performance to achieve improved end-product performance, and faster, trouble-free production. They also override the nucleating effect of pigments meaning that high part quality is possible regardless of the color used. Hyperform® HPN allows for stronger, lighter parts by achieving an improvement in stiffness of around 10% when compared to conventionally nucleated PP, while still retaining the same impact behavior as a non-nucleated resin. Hyperform® HPN improves the stiffness of non-nucleated PP by 25-30%.

The unique isotropic shrinkage behavior of each Hyperform® HPN nucleator allows dimensionally stable, non-warping tailor made PP solutions to be developed for use even in demanding injection molding applications like caps & closures, and in the elevated temperature environments like in some automotive and appliances applications. With Hyperform® HPN, dimensional stability is maintained at temperatures up to 25ºC higher than when used with a non-nucleated resin and up to 10ºC higher than a conventional nucleated resin. Hyperform® HPN nucleators require low loading and have no reported health and safety issues, supporting the development of more sustainable applications.

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