ClearShield™ UV Absorber for PET Packaging


Protecting your products from harmful UV light degradation

Built-In UV Protection

ClearShield™ offers an efficient way to protect against UV exposure by incorporating the UV absorber into the PET package itself. This enables the use of more highly UV-sensitive natural ingredients, colorants, vitamins, and fragrances in the packaged products, allowing for a clean label trend.

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Protection for UV-Sensitive Contents

Exposure to UV light can degrade ingredients such as UV-sensitive colors, vitamins, tastes, and fragrances. ClearShield™ protects packaged contents to retain color, vitamin potency, signature tastes, and fragrant aromas.

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Non-Migrating UV Absorber

ClearShield™ stands out because it is food-contact compliant and offers a polymer-bound formulation that does not migrate out of the plastic and potentially contaminate the product.

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Brand Integrity

Filtering 95% of UV light from both sunlight and indoor lighting during storage, distribution, retail display and post-purchase storage at up to 390 nanometers, ClearShield™ maintains brand identity and “signature” colors in crystal clear packaging.

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Clear PET Solution

Consumers like to see what they’re buying, so having the ability to deliver excellent UV protection in a clear, transparent package is essential. ClearShield™ offers brand owners a clear PET packaging solution with no compromise to product quality.

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For more information about how ClearShield™ protects PET packaged contents like UV-sensitive vitamins, colors and aromas, download our ClearShield™ white paper.

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With the introduction of ClearShield™ UV absorber, Milliken brings real value to PET packaging of foods and beverages, personal care products and household cleaners and protects contents from degradation while maintaining the clarity and transparency of PET.

Smoothies and Juices

Most vitamins are sensitive to light, heat, and oxygen in the presence of light. ClearShield™ protects vitamins in smoothies and juices from degradation, which can lead to off-flavor and color shift in the beverage formulation. Download PDF

Beer, Wine and Alcoholic Drinks

UV exposure tends to excite the riboflavin in Alcoholic drinks, accelerating the degradation of isohumulones in beer and amino acids in wine and altering the taste. ClearShield™ provides excellent protection for clear or amber-colored PET bottles. Download PDF

Milk Drinks

When exposed to UV and visible light, the riboflavin in milk degrades causing the milk to take on an oxidized flavor as well as an unpleasant odor. ClearShield™ UV absorbers offer protection to milk packaged in clear or light-colored PET containers. Download PDF

Energy Drinks, Flavored and Tonic Water

Many natural or organic aromas used in flavored waters and quinine, the key ingredient for taste in tonic water, are sensitive to ultraviolet light. ClearShield™ can help brand owners protect these ingredients and maintain the integrity of the flavors. Download PDF

Solid Food and Drinks

Food and drink contents are at risk of degradation in the presence of UV light, which can alter the nutrients and reduce shelf life. ClearShield™ extends shelf life and protects UV-sensitive food and drink contents like Vitamin A, which is 30 times better protected in a ClearShield™ bottle compared to standard PET bottles. Download PDF

Liquid Food

Packaging is a key differentiator for consumer goods like liquid foods and can make them stand out on store shelves. Consumers like to see what they're buying, so having the ability to deliver excellent UV protection in a clear, transparent package offers additional marketing branding opportunities. Download PDF

Home and Laundry Care

Exposure to sunlight or indoor light during storage, distribution, retail display and post-purchase storage can degrade ingredients, and negatively impact the appearance and color of the packaged contents. ClearShield™ protects UV-sensitive colors to ensure brand integrity. Download PDF

Personal Care and Cosmetics

The color and fragrances of products such as shampoo, liquid soap, shower gel, and cosmetics are at risk of degradation when exposed to UV light. ClearShield™ protects these attributes while also preserving brand identity. Download PDF

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