Girl coloring using safe, creative colorants

Creative Colorants

Milliken’s innovation team has engineered proprietary polymeric colorants for special use in washable applications, such as markers, paints and other art products. These premium colorants offer significant performance and manufacturing advantages over traditional dyestuffs. Designed to produce a great combination of skin and fabric washability, Milliken’s Creative Colorants avoid surface permeation without including surfactants or other costly additives, which could adversely affect end product performance.


Manufacturing efficiency - Because Creative Colorants are inherently liquid, they provide an ease of blending during the processing phase previously unseen with traditional powder dyes and pigments. This allows manufacturers to achieve consistent high quality performance from their finished goods, which is a direct benefit to the consumer.

Superior washability - Creative Colorants consistently outperform other dyes and pigments in wash tests. On the vast majority of surfaces, the water-soluble product will not stain, nor will it stay anywhere it's not wanted — all without the use of additives, which often bleed or limit brightness. 

Bold, bright color - We believe in the power of color, and our fully inter-compatible colorants deliver that superior color in nearly limitless varieties.

Dependability – These quality liquid colorants enable a consistent, smooth write-out that will not dry out or crust on a marker tip.

Safe - Creative Colorants are EN 71 compliant, REACH supported, and approved for ACMI Certification. Used by the top brands in the industry, Milliken’s non-toxic liquid colorants are manufactured with no heavy-metals, so our product effectively supports environmentally conscious efforts by producers.


  • Washable markers
  • Washable paints
  • Other children's arts & crafts products

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