Hyperform Nucleation | Car interior polyolefin applications

Hyperform® for Nucleation

Milliken’s advances with the Hyperform® family of nucleating agents allow manufacturers to produce consistently high quality products within a variety of polyolefin applications. Whether you are looking for improved physical properties, optimized part quality, weight reduction, or reduced processing times, our offering lets you select the best additive for your particular needs.

Hyperform® HPN-68L

By increasing both product results and sustainability, HPN-68L revolutionizes polypropylene processes by greatly increasing processing speeds while maintaining a premium level of quality. A high degree of isotropic shrinkage provides reduced warpage of the final product. 

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Hyperform® HPN-20E

Ideal for both polypropylene and polyethylene applications, HPN-20E allows manufacturers to meet required part specifications while improving manufacturing speed, thanks to the additive's unique shrinkage characteristics, physical property balance, and crystallization effects. Final products feature a superior stiffness and impact balance, as well as optimum CLTE performance. As always, our research and development team stands behind our product, offering customization in the field for specific applications. 

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Hyperform® HPN-600ei

HPN-600ei is the perfect nucleating agent to meet the unique needs of extrusion/thermoforming applications. Designed by our research team to increase product stiffness and excellent part aesthetics, this additive also combines improved warpage/ovality control with a high degree of clarity for a remarkable high quality end product. 

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Hyperform nucleating agents are designed for polypropylene and polyethylene in a wide range of processes:


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