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Color is often the first sensory contact consumers have with a new or existing product they select from a store shelf. Make this first impression count! Milliken Chemical’s cutting-edge Liquitint polymeric colorants are the perfect solution, providing a broad range of color options to enhance the value of your products providing brand identity, functionality and product appeal. Offering quality, performance, and microbial certification unmatched by dyes or pigments, Liquitint polymeric colorants are ideal for laundry products, household cleaners, institutional and industrial chemicals, and a variety of other aqueous applications.

From the R&D lab to the production floor, our experts will be pleased to assist you in carefully formulating new products, reformulating existing products, and creating brand extensions. Your consumer will notice the difference and recognize the benefits you are providing, and your manufacturing will appreciate the ease of use and flexibility allowed by Liquitints.


  Marketing & Consumer Benefits Manufacturing Benefits
Safety and Environmentally Conscious Liquitints are currently used in a variety of eco-friendly formulations with certifications including the EPA’s Design for the Environment and independent agencies like Green Seal Liquitints are water soluble and not manufactured with heavy metals. (Milliken’s manufacturing standards exceed safety requirements of the industry with superior products that outperform the market and boost your environmental sustainability in manufacturing.)
Polymeric Liquid Colorant Bright, transparent color can be achieved with an unlimited color space. (Because Liquitints are completely water soluble due to their polymeric nature, an extremely high concentration of color can be obtained in water based solutions without a “cloudy” effect.) Truly water soluble colorants allow for easy blending, spray application and the possibility of in-line dosing. This eliminates the hazardous dust associated with powder dyes.
Non-Staining Our team carefully designed Liquitints to reduce or eliminate staining on most hard surfaces, skin, fabrics, and equipment. This means your finished household cleaning product does not leave stains of its own. Even highly concentrated colorants can be cleaned up with cold water. This saves time and money in a fast pace manufacturing scenario.
Chemical Compatibility Liquitints allow for the utmost color stability on the store-shelf providing a consumer confidence unmatched by powder dyes and pigments. Liquitint colorants are designed to be compatible with with most cationic, anionic, non-ionic, and quarternary systems. (Additionally they can be used in conjunction with fragrances and preservatives, without complexing or destabilizing the mixture.)



  • Aviation
  • Carwash detergents
  • De-icing products
  • Fertilizer
  • Household cleaning products
  • Industrial and Institutional cleaners
  • Laundry care products
  • Medium-density fiberboard
  • Portable toilets
  • Seed coating


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